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Data Hive Offering


Problem statement:

Small to medium size life sciences, medtech, and healthcare companies actively generate and use data in their R&D and clinical studies.

The problem is that they do not consider this list of topics with a focus on their data as an asset:

  1. effective business and operational plans

  2. the correct data science options

  3. the execution steps for business delivery

  4. the (causal) mechanisms within their data flows that are driving outcomes or are creating poor results


This commonly leads to significant time & cost wastage and poor business outcomes.  For example, in poorly negotiated licencing agreement where data has been overvalued (or even undervalued).


Introduction to Data Strategy:


Support offered: (based in the UK, with a team of data scientists & biologists) has deep expertise in this area.  We offer hands-on support to companies looking to establish world-class data strategies.

The offering covers both business and technical challenges, leading to an optimal future value, risks, and costs for our customers.  Each project is custom scoped to address the customer’s needs, including deliverables such as: 

Example questions that can help with:

  • How to ensure that basic blocking & tackling over data analysis is done properly and in a scalable extensible way?

  • How to set up the contracts with partners, customers, and vendors so that you have the necessary tactical and long-term data freedom of use? 

  • How to design the different dashboards (workbenches) for internal and external business users - answering known and new business questions? 

  • How to analyse the data accessible to you to enable new business questions to be described and then answered - supporting faster customer acquisition, new customer type acquisition and business model testing? 

  • How to design and implement schema/ERM (Entity Relationship Map) to ensure exploitation of the datasets in a scalable way?

  • How to quantify the value of the datasets available, so that investment/ROI decisions can be made - including both internal data analytics time and data acquisition? 

  • What strength and type of intervention is needed to obtain the highest efficacy and the lowest risk of adverse effects?

  • Which factors can have an undesired and unexpected effect on the product performance?

  • Which factors are having an undesired and unexpected effect on the product performance?



For more info:


Please contact Dr Raminderpal Singh (CEO) at

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