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Addressing biotech’s #1 pain point
A cost-effective service to provide credible in silico data to support pre-clinical biological asset value

Global biotech financing hit a rough patch EY stated recently [1]: “In 2022, all types of biotech financing – venture capital investment, debt financing, IPOs, follow-on, etc. – decreased significantly. The biotech IPO market fell 93% from 2021, and an estimated 29% of public biotechs in the US and Europe had less than one year of cash on hand.”


Incubate Bio has a novel technology, ALaSCA, that rapidly generates additional biological data for promising therapeutic assets [2]. We are announcing a new service to help biotechs reinforce the value of their pre-clinical biological assets [3].

ALaSCA has already been applied to successfully find oncology related targets: Dr Chris Bullock, CEO QV Bioelectronics, stated, “Using ALaSCA, we have been able to rapidly identify and collect the data we needed to cost-effectively move our research to the next stage, whilst also identifying potential targets to test in the future for synergistic therapy.” [4,5]

In just 4 - 6 weeks, we will run ALaSCA and provide you credible in silico data for fundraising, supporting your current drug discovery program as well as new indication extensions / combination therapies.

To access this service contact Dr Raminderpal Singh.

[1] Beyond Borders 2023: Biotech is facing a complex path forward, says EY report


[3] Boosting biotech valuations with cost-efficient addition of key in silico evidence

[4] Cost-efficient expansion of key biological data to enhance the validation and value of therapeutic investment propositions, Press Release

[5] QV Bioelectronics and Incubate Bio announce successful outcome of strategic collaboration to accelerate new treatment option for Glioblastoma, Press Release

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