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Maximising capital efficiency for life sciences R&D, through in silico experimental design

With ALaSCA, you can find the right target 50% faster!

Drug Discovery – MedTech – Bioactives – Nutrition – Cosmetics

Incubate bio’s software platform, ALaSCA, simulates the pivots and redundancies within biological pathways and automatically recommends the optimal intervention for your experimental design

“ALaSCA has enabled us to computationally explore and quantitatively assess multiple rare diseases (including ADPKD) in which to further exploit our underlying technology platform. This has allowed us to rapidly prioritise resources to those areas where our compounds are likely to have the most beneficial effect. ALaSCA has saved us potentially several months of time and wet lab experiments.”


Neil Wilkie, CEO, Mironid Ltd

Traditional machine learning and artificial intelligence methods are limited in what they can do.  Causal inference is required.  And with counterfactual simulation, in silico experimentation is possible!  

ALaSCA applies causal inference, counterfactual simulations and machine learning to uncover & simulate drivers in biological mechanisms (such as protein networks), using multi-omics and phenotypic (and clinical) data.  ALaSCA has been validated using a diabetes Type 1 case study.

We offer ALaSCA to life sciences companies (drug discovery, medtech, bioactives research, agri-tech etc) as a software and/or service. 

Try out ALaSCA, through our 2 example web apps:

* NEW *
Simple user interface; 
Providing optimal intervention design for metabolites affecting brain volume

For bioinformaticians and data scientists;
Exploration of the impact of different interventions on T1D progression

Formal causal methods enable a new set of in silico insights that are not possible with classical approaches such as AI & ML

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