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A cost-effective service to provide credible in silico data to support pre-clinical biological asset value

Pinpointing the causal links between targets and cancer

Our mission is to develop in silico data packages containing characterized and prioritized targets & biomarkers with critical evidence, for outlicensing to biotech and biopharma.


We have bespoke technology that identifies key pathway drivers and supports indication expansion, patient stratification, synthetic lethality and combination therapies. 


Check out our recent announcement about our oncology pipeline.

Watch our Head of Biology introduce our latest OVC results 

Using ALaSCA, we were able to successfully analyse the contributions of different DNA repair pathways and programmed cell death pathways across several treatment regimes. The causal AI results are helping us narrow down the potential mechanism of action of our therapy on glioblastoma cell lines as well as identifying potential targets to test in the future for synergistic therapy.

Leading glioblastoma researcher

Learn more about key scientific questions that ALaSCA addresses: 

ALaSCA has enabled us to computationally explore and quantitatively assess multiple rare diseases (including ADPKD) in which to further exploit our underlying technology platform. This has allowed us to rapidly prioritise resources to those areas where our compounds are likely to have the most beneficial effect. ALaSCA has saved us potentially several months of time and wet lab experiments.

Neil Wilkie, CEO, Mironid Ltd

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