Unlocking new avenues to accelerate Alzheimer’s drug discovery

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Accelerating drug discovery in neurodegenerative diseases through causal analysis of ageing processes in simple organisms

Although there has been great progress in basic and preclinical research for neurodegenerative disease, we have yet to identify the key underlying molecular defects or pathways that give rise to many of these conditions — observations which would yield precise targets for novel drugs.

- FDA  July 2021

Through causal inference modelling of simple organisms, we have found a new way forward.

This is based on the equivalence of the biological processes (not animal models) between ageing and disease progression.

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Simple Organism Systems 

In Silico
Computational Modelling

Human Neuronal

Shared biological processes

Unlocked cellular dynamics

Our proprietary computational platform identifies novel druggable target proteins in human neurodegenerative diseases, where pathway dysfunction is occurring due to aging effects.


SU researchers, Incubate.bio team up to understand neurodegenerative diseases

Outputs from our research will benefit drug development and further our understanding of mechanisms in the brain. There is still so much that we do not know about neurodegenerative conditions that in silico modelling can address.

Dr van Niekerk, Stellenbosch University
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