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Incubate bio’s platform, ALaSCA, untangles the pivots and redundancies within biological pathways

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Traditional machine learning and artificial intelligence methods are limited in what they can do.  Causal inference is required.

Our technology (ALaSCA) applies causal inference and machine learning to uncover drivers in biological mechanisms (such as protein networks), using multi-omics and phenotypic (and clinical) data.  ALaSCA has been validated using a diabetes Type 1 case study.

We offer ALaSCA to life sciences companies (drug discovery, medtech, bioactives research, agri-tech etc) as part of our biology-as-a-service

Applying ALaSCA to simple organisms and studying ageing mechanisms, we have found a new way forward to unlock novel targets in Alzheimer's Disease.

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Simple Organism Systems 

In Silico
Causal Analysis

Human Neuronal

Shared biological processes

Unlocked cellular dynamics

Is Causal Analysis the solution to AI in Drug Discovery?

Hosted by Tony Sedgwick, CoffeeBuddies, Feb 8 2023

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