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Oncology Pipeline

Below is our current pipeline for identifying new oncology combination therapy opportunities. It covers 6 oncology areas, and over 70 assets from approx 30 biopharmas/biotechs.


Our pipeline demonstrates the ability of our AI-driven drug discovery platform (ALaSCA) to rapidly identify actionable combination therapy options. Combination therapies that progress through this pipeline will be ready for pre-clinical toxicology validation.

For a background to our technology and to explore a recent finding with ATRi and ABL1i, please click here

Please reach out us if you are interested in partnering on any of our pipeline.

IBI pipeline 3.png

Our pipeline analyses assets from oncology leaders:

IBI bio list 2.png

Note that the Asset information described in the pipeline has been identified via non-confidential online sources.  Please contact us by email with any errors or feedback.

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